Love You Know


She makes one smile, gladdens the heart

I wonder why, could it be – she’s smart

I’ll run, and skip, for a while – Walmart

Knowing one, is not the true one

But who can say – it’s not done Wong

Tease, tease sweet young thing, so wrong

Rejected old heart

 It’s not that far

How far doe’s a Robin fly

 Not on a par

How far is the sun?

 That makes one glow

How far is that heartbeat?

Warm you know

How far is true love?

Feel it in the wind

How sweet Edwidge ,

Listen so, it’s not a fling

Two love birds must depart

 Outstretched wings

Colour of the sea, colour of the sky, don’t cry

Look, look, see their beauty, all can see

Over hill tops, they glide with such ease

Towards mountain peaks covered in snow

Their favourite colour, blue, you know

When will they return, no one knows

It’s all in the heart beat, spirit and soulp


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