Heart and Soul




Heart and soul taking its toll
Longing waiting, let’s be bold
Words I here surely not told
whispering softly in the cold


Feeling excitement rushing
through my veins
Sweetly thy words warms
but who are you to warn


No not who, but why my
Nay face, no knowing thee
Tis a pleasure inside, oh! my
Thine eyes blind, ears open


Mine, mind wanting unseen
Yours, always there knowingly
Guiding safely deep secretly
Rap up warm you may lose

That thought vision lost time
See into eyes passing by
Never mind a glance just fine
a smile to say hello, that’s mine

Never more our steps never entwine
and as i pass i see you tall
Still no motion lifeless all
Arm’s stretched inviting
there’s one just perched


So now your quiet
leaving me quite cold
Just because I’m old
My heart is young
eyes never change
You see tis only the frame
Structure within
that give’s in


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