A time gone by never more bye
Memory’s hidden deep why
Went to the fair
Couldn’t give a care

Being so young playing a dear
Enjoying the day
Do you see not a squire
Eight or nine Oh’ never mind

No thought of danger
Why should there be
Out to play safe those times
Winds from the east

Not yet arrived not seen
Bushes tress line river bank
Running hiding slip, slip down
What comes around goes around

Is it surely this my time
Splash feet first under all
Panic takes hold so cold
Holding breath eyes closed

Arms hands trying to hold
Touching holding snap break
Something there pull air
Break rushing waters fast

Drifting current under again
Arms feeling yes take hold
Pulling holding air once more
Sixty years please take care




There was darkness, nothing, then a small
Glimmer, pulsating piecing light appeared visible
expanding as it approached it intensified opaque
in brightness as it did so, it encircled-encompass

The light was strenuously active, vigorous
powerfully operative as it encircled enclosed
what one could see then to be a seemingly vapour
that started to turn with the light.

The light increasing in brightness seemed to
be traveling forward. All around colours
vaporizing forming shapes
Then gone. But what is this I see

The encircling light then merged with the vapour
which turned out to be me
That’s all I can tell you, other than
I’m a spirit, sometimes good, sometime bad.


Words and Lines


Words and lines not always right
I’m not a wren or chicken in a pen
“No, not a bird, with a perfect form
Have you heard the swallow’s call
Try again

I’m not a machine, I have a heart beat
Do you see a tree waving nodding in the breeze
Each golden tear drop clean’s with ease
Effervescent never still

Pen in hand, once a quill
Porcupine spine, Oh! So kind
Cinnamon – cinchona bark just as fine
Like soft hot baked crumpets

Never would I have a strumpet
Enjoy a pepperoni pizza
A sailor at sea, never be
Don’t want to be flogged by a Pizzle

Vaporing swirling intense emotion
Ones esteem for ever never broken
Together conceive a universe so bliss
Birds inflight elapse upon
A bed of golden feathers

Now a flicker of light, then a heart beats
One has not’ see, she’s not abandoned thee
There, a rainbow, smiles down so see
Longing waiting months go by

Not knowing one’s uncertainty of fate
Paths that joined, somehow parted
Now at a crossroads, life re-started
Summer of blooms, summer of heat
Summer of love Summer of peace

Ingest Amazon humid wet
So wet with sweat
Rain of plenty.


Good Night

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“Yes, she’s made to love
What can we say
Flesh and blood
Warmth and cuddles

Don’t leave her alone
Don’t stay on one’s own
With no one present
One’s heart is waiting true

To have two join as one
For eternity my diamond
Eyes sparkle smile meet
Pearl drop, snow white teeth
Icebergs melt, seeing thee

Hand in hand feel emotion
Sensing strolling slowly
New path new life new world
Journeys start first step action

Purple a colour to please
Gold a colour of pleasure
A glass of champagne
Silver chain kills the pain

A smile so at ease sweet
A lady surely of leisure
A pleasure to have seen
Good night, sweet dreams