Words and Lines


Words and lines not always right
I’m not a wren or chicken in a pen
“No, not a bird, with a perfect form
Have you heard the swallow’s call
Try again

I’m not a machine, I have a heart beat
Do you see a tree waving nodding in the breeze
Each golden tear drop clean’s with ease
Effervescent never still

Pen in hand, once a quill
Porcupine spine, Oh! So kind
Cinnamon – cinchona bark just as fine
Like soft hot baked crumpets

Never would I have a strumpet
Enjoy a pepperoni pizza
A sailor at sea, never be
Don’t want to be flogged by a Pizzle

Vaporing swirling intense emotion
Ones esteem for ever never broken
Together conceive a universe so bliss
Birds inflight elapse upon
A bed of golden feathers

Now a flicker of light, then a heart beats
One has not’ see, she’s not abandoned thee
There, a rainbow, smiles down so see
Longing waiting months go by

Not knowing one’s uncertainty of fate
Paths that joined, somehow parted
Now at a crossroads, life re-started
Summer of blooms, summer of heat
Summer of love Summer of peace

Ingest Amazon humid wet
So wet with sweat
Rain of plenty.


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