Creative Writing, Poetry

Would you believe it (a rewrite)


A fairy tale from long ago of time before time
It’s written in a book or was it a stone
Like Peter Pan and beautiful Snow White
Some believe of this long lost Place
No one knows where. Who really cares
Their Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters
All lived in a world high in the heavens
Some would want us to believe tis called paradise
The birds and bee’s feed off the trees
Even the dogs why there legs up high
A world of ease it seems
Would like to make one believe
All in birthday suits, hand in hand
Peacefully strolling along humming there songs
Just like bees at ease with life in paradise
In a dream or a beam of white light
A story of human life unfolds, what of other forms
Not of our god, no spirit or soul they say
Not so forgiving is this unforeseen old chap
We are told that from eating an apple
Our world was born of the two legged kind
Did the birds and bees just happen to follow
‘Oh, such sorrow
We are told that naughty little Adam take
is leave up a tree.
So many trees, so many types of fruit to taste
In a place we call paradise, not playing dice
‘Oh, what a sin

A land, a world they both twirl, just having a good time
Larking about as teenagers do. Then in there tea break
Was it French delicious, Grannies or Cox
Was it green or red, maybe yellow instead
It was never written down whoops who’s a clown
They blame that naughty girl, beguiled somehow
This foolish boy who went took, ripened fruit
Was he envy with greed, did he want to saw his seed
Oh’ what a show off indeed
So in there backyard of wide open country
Forests abound and orchards of plenty
Where naughty dear Eve, teased foolish Adam
My sweet, my love I beseech thee pick thy fruit from this tree
Looking up at the branches Adam saw he could not reach
So off he went home to fetch a ladder
He went to the shed and asked poor Dad, can I borrow a ladder
Dad said helps yourself son, mind you bring them back
So Adam placed the ladder against the tree trunk
So up he went, pick a rosy red one and through it to Eve
She took a bite and said Oh no not at all nice, go to another
So up he went, picked just one and saw a moggy upon a branch
He calls out, there’s a pussy cat here, with freight the cat jumps down
Adam and Eve where eating the juicy apples when who comes along
Adams dad saw them eating the apple of his precious fruit tree
So dad told them off, never more will you taste of my fruit
A long story cut short. Dad gave them fig leaves,. Adam just one
Poor old young Little Eve, she had to have three for her sin
A paradise they had to leave, don’t forget from begat a world a new
The birds and bees are free to do as they please upon the trees

Surely, apples do they not fall to the ground in make believe town
Very convenient in only a week a new world formed for the meek
Then low and behold, the fruit of the forbidden happens to be our
good old apple tree upon this earth.
Not very forgiving is there almighty it seems
Our little girl Eve took the blame from beginning of time

Now it seems there are black clouds rolling upon the earth


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