1882 – 1888


1882  –  1888

Tradesmen’s Advertising Medium

J.R. HASLEM, 16 Albert Street, Nottingham,

Wholesale  Bookseller  and  Binder,   Dealer  in  Bookbinder,  Materials,  Gold Leaf  Leather,   Marble  Paper,  Head – bands,  Cloth,  &c ,  supplies  and Trade
Trade and  Booksellers  with  Cassell’s  and other  Periodicals  on  the  best  terms.


Estimates  for  the  construction  of  Instruments  according  to specification,
either  on  the  Tubular,  Pneumatic,  or  on  the  most  approved  modern
mechanical  principles.    None  but  well – seasoned  timber  used.   Special
care  will  be  given  to  Voicing.
Tuning,  and  Repairs,     New  and Second – hand  Organs  always  in  stock.

Locksmith,    Whitesmith,    Bellhanger,
Dealer  in all  kinds  of  Lamps,  Wicks,  Paraffin,  Colza Oils,  &c ,
All kinds  of  Repairs  promptly  attended to.
13  FRIAR  GATE,  DERBY.                                                       5121

PALFREE, M.F.C.L, Farrier,  &c .,  Sadler Gate, DERBY.
Winners of the First Price,  No.  1  Hunters, at the Royal Show,  Nottingham,  1888,  also the following Prizes :  The Worshipful  Company  of  Farriers,  London,  1888  ;  Certificate from the Royal Agricultural Society, 1888 ;  The Freedom of the City of London,  1888.
S. P.  has been awarded  Prizes  at  various Shoeing Competitions, including Prizes from the
Derbyshire Agricultural Society,  as follows ;  First Price, 1882.  First Price,  1883 ;  First Price,  1884.
Gentleman’s Carriage Horses and Hunters shod,  Loose  Boxes Provided.

And so we have an Advertising paper from 1888. I found this four page medium
deliberately put behind the timber cladding in the roof void / loft in the house in Derby, England. (U.K.). The actual property I found this medium in- is the address and place of work of the gentleman who was a carpenter and lived in that house. He has an advert inside the inner page.   Due to modern building regulations the work in the roof space was not up to today’s specifications so had to be removed. On removing the cladding this medium had been put there, when he was fixing the timber cladding. To be found years later, i believe. The medium is very fragile; I had a frame made to protect it. What will happen to this when I’m no longer here, I’m not sure?
And i found this appropriately 20 years ago – 1995.


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