Cherokee maiden of your Forefathers land ,Cherokee maiden of your Grandmothers land

Cherokee maiden of your lost taken, land Cherokee maiden the circus is in town Cherokee maiden I hear your calls, alas, it is all in the past

Are you free to roam as your ancestors’ did?

Can you travel wherever for game to live?

Are the buffalos still roaming the plains?

Are the Bison still grazing on the Great Plains?

Are there any Pronghorn roaming in the Mojave Desert, called Antelope Valley

Are the rivers and streams still clear clean?

Are you free to talk to your spirits and gods?

Only in war we have our camps. Yes. Prisoner of war behind barbed wire.

World war two what did one nation do Condemned by most, abhorrent by all

A nation all great, look on the outside. It’s native peoples invisible chains.

What of a new world, a distant planet One day to come, travel so far round them all up make them walk taken from homeland see baron soil.

That’s not good enough move them again. So many died Trail of Tears.

Why. ‘Oh why, must we force our will Can’t we share, equal rights, equality too.

Yes if you’re not of this beautiful place.

Rights governed by those who invade. Do not plead

So they blame the red man for all his ills.

Congress and the Whitehouse reject

Gen. Winfield Scott, 7000 troops rounded up the Cherokee at bayonet point.

Only 400 Cherokees escaped 18000-herded first in a series of forts.

800-mile walk forage for food.

So brave they be the Cherokee tribe.

Their mountains, streams, forests, open plains, Rushmore a sacred place.

So much more, taken, killed fore

What is a reservation, tract of land?

Reserved for exclusive occupation by native tribes.

Is not an open prison similar?

Come and go as one pleases.

Rest in peace those that fell

Rest in peace the unborn child

Rest in peace Warrior people

Rest in peace 500 + tribes

u-no-le a life of misery by he.

(Just a note to say that one evening while I am sleeping, a female Indian and her daughter came in a dream? She spoke to me and insist I wrote the above. I tried to ignore this as being only a dream. Being restless and unable to sleep I fetch a pen and pad and wrote the above. I’m pleased to say I continued sleeping without any further disturbance). Some things are so strange.


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