Creative Writing, Poetry

Beautiful Rose

admin-ajaxA beautiful rose still in full bloom
You’d never believe this stem we hold
I’m being bold in what I state, but true
Can you believe this beauty of sixty and more?
Eyes call, nature has given her all, Oh! such pose’s
One would surely be so glad, to give her rose’s
See, full of sumptuous magnificence,  ooh la la
Is it the creams and lotions, or simply her genes
Her outstanding beauty, sweet complexion, tells all
A human world, artificial genetically modified food
This females image outshines so many. So so moves
Elixir of life this pretty woman, no need of useless want
Fountain of eternal youth, her alchemy is a breath of life
Silky smooth, soft as a peach, kiss’s, oh! oh my lady, lets meet
Have you seen her in a cameo role, yes indeed  she’s the bee’s knee’s
Tall in structure feminine form showing beauty calling all
Small tender feet, taking the lead, dancing till dawn our Dawn.
I know of few that dazzle, such a beautiful smile as thee
One such beauty of long ago, her name is Cleopatra you know
We could not leave out, queen of queens, beautiful Queen Nefertiti
Young lady so many talents, who swoons with her complexion.
Sadly I must take my leave, beg your forgiveness of such folly.
If any photographers need a senior lady give me a bell