A Cry



A thousand years, one has sung this song
Resonate  thou heart beat throbbing
Tears of shattered glass spills forth
d’ye not see this longing
Now dissipated dreams, feel that breeze
Hope of love, all but lost, fading blindly

Streams of unforgettable excruciation
Dominion – evolution
Thy heart, encircled untouchable plastron
Rejecting, rebuffing these endless
emotions flowing oceans deep

Shrill of joy, cries of triumph – exultation
Fabrication – forging of will’s, minds collide
Fable, fictitious endlessly Moorish
Cataclysm our two worlds do strife

Oh ye be my will-O-the-wisp

Endless gratuitous imagination
knowing the unrestrained ecstasy
Thou be my Egeria, divinity
Numa’s, instructress

Your effulgent emitting dazzling pulchritude
Disseminate foreboding presentiment
Rhythmically vibrate recurrence
Enchanted bewitched, quench thy thirst

Refresh distinctive ye taste of lust
Appetizing attractive flavour of honey
Sweet is thy ambrosia fugitive sensation

Hands sweep smoothly, lightly over
Behold in days to come, we will evanesce
She calls to me our Evanescence