First Eight Weeks


My story begins or should I say the puppy’s story.
It’s the third week in February on a cold a blustery evening.
In a warm cosy bed, four puppies are born; one by one they are delivered by their mum. She gives each pup a through clean, instinctively each puppy starts to feed off its mother.
Over a course of a few hours, all are safely brought into this world, cleaned feed then to sleep. Each time mum moves they would cry out.  Being so small and unable to open there eyes, they stayed huddled together for warmth, safety and secure.

Their story of life begins these early days, weeks and then months of puppy play, fun, joy and so much more. But back to now there first few hours of life. I’ll begin with the puppy’s names, first is Fluffy a boy, then there’s Snowflake a girl. Both are cream in colour and are identical twins.
Next is Tyson of course a boy, lastly it’s Kwai a girl, both are dark chocolate colour again we have twins. For the first two weeks the puppies could not open there eyes which is a good thing because it stops them wondering and keeps them safely together.

There mum only left them for very short periods of time at first, they need to be feed on her milk quite often when first born. Then as they get older and bigger in size she’ll leave them for longer and when she settles down with them they push, and shove each other for a feed.  But beware if there dad shows himself when the babies are newly born for if mom sees him near, she will growl to let him know to keep away, he lowers his head and backs away.
They soon grow in size over the first few weeks, then from 14 days old, slowly each one of them starts to open there eyes for the very first time.

At first the puppies start to explore and roam in their bed, not venturing out just yet. Mom leaves babies for longer periods of time now as they don’t need to be feed quite so often. At first when the puppies try and walk they are very wobbly on their little legs trying to investigate their surroundings.

Their bed is very warm and cosy to sleep in. Always they huddle together, even sleep on top of each other for warmth. Sometimes when mum comes back into the bed she steps on top of them, clumsy mummy.

One day each puppy was picked up and nasty tasting liquid was squirted in their mouths and they did not like that. Mummy was always washing the puppies, each time she came back into the bed she would clean them, if one did not want to be washed and tried to move away she would put a paw on them to hold them firmly in place.

The puppies they play, pulling, rolling even biting with their mouths but they don’t hurt each other because they have no teeth yet.

Tyson is the first one to go to the opening of the bed. He’s not sure what to do so turns, goes back to the others, plays a little then goes to sleep. The next day Tyson was the first to step out of the bed, and then followed by Kwai

Fluffy and Snowflake remained in their bed. Tyson and Kwai were very unsteady on their legs and did not venture very far. Then mum came back and they followed her into the bed and lay with mum and had a feed.

A day or two later they were all more confident in leaving the bed, but soon over time walking was easy to do.

As the weeks pass by and each of them grows a little, the human mummy started to put little pieces of food in their mouths, it tasted nice. Their teeth are coming through and the puppies chew all kinds of different things when they play.

Five weeks old and now should be going outside into the garden to play. There’s a very big opening mummy and daddy go through to go out into the garden. It’s a sunny morning; they are playing inside the house with each other. If they play with a cloth soft toy, Loki there two year old brother may have the cloth toy in his mouth and would hold onto it playing tug-a -war, he’ll pull us across the floor. We play hide and seek in the house, there’s lots of places we can go. All four of us play making such a noise with our little barks and puppy sounds. We go behind the furniture and being so small can go under chairs. Mummy is too big to fetch us from under and behind Chester draws and chairs.
Kwai may be little but she is very playful, noisy, and dominant when they play. Tyson, the larger one of the four of us is just as bad as Kwai.  Snowflake and Fluffy are quieter but they play just as well as the other two.

Once Fluffy was holding Kwai’s tail and she was holding Tyson’s tail all three pulling, just there way of having fun play. Now the puppies can hurt each other when playing, biting each other’s ears.

Now they’re older, the puppies are allowed into the garden to play; they go between the flowers and leaf of the tulips. There are red and white ones.
Kwai and Tyson are eating flower leafs; Snowflake and Fluffy are chasing each other on the lawn. Loki comes and joins in, he has a stick in his mouth we try to take the stick from him, Loki runs, he’s too fast for us, and we can’t catch him.

Then Tyson and Kwai come over to play, all four puppies chasing each other on the lawn around a trampoline, round and round they run. It’s so much fun, especially on a nice sunny morning like today. Now Tyson, Snowflake and Fluffy go to the red tulips and start jumping up at the flower heads, trying to pull the heads of the stems. There able to take petals off, one at a time, they take them over to the lawn, lie down then chew the petals. Kwai comes over to the tulips and pulls at the very long leafs they have. It’s very hard trying to pull them off. They only manage to take part of the leaf. Now there’s four puppies taking petals, and leafs from the red tulips, soon the garden has petals scattered over the lawn.

Now all four puppies have gone into the shed and Kwai puts her front paws on the top of a plant pot and tries to look inside, the pot tips over with a loud noise and they all dart for cover, they don’t know what’s happening; the pot rolls on its side, then the pot stops, all four come out from hiding, and sniff and look at this thing on the floor.

Kwai puts her head in for a better look, nothing there so she leaves it. Tyson went under some shelving and started barking; he wants to play, Snowflake starts barking back at him trying to playfully bite his ear.
Fluffy and Kwai each have a piece of wood there chewing and ignoring the other two. There mum comes into the shed she has a biscuit, she’s looking for somewhere to hide it to eat later, She has a good look around but there’s nowhere for her to hide the biscuit, so she goes outside. Fluffy and Snowflake follow her; she’s gone over to the flower pots and flower trays that have seedlings growing inside. Fluffy stands on his back legs, looks inside the long tray that has little green flower stems growing. Mummy jumped onto one tray and starts digging, she wants to hide her biscuit to eat later.

The trays are a little off the ground to keep slugs and snails from damaging the seedlings. Fluffy tries to jump into a tray, but it’s too high for his little legs. Then mom jumps out and goes to another tray, and starts digging a hole in the compost to hide her biscuit there. She places the biscuit in the hole, then covers it over using her paw, then jumps out.

All four puppies now follow their mum into the house; they all lay down together for a little sleep. What a busy morning they have had. All the puppies in there warm cosy bed, all cuddled together safe and sound. A refreshed ready to go play again group of four puppies, but first the puppies need to eat, they all wander over to their food dish. There’s plenty for all, they have different kinds of biscuits that are just the right size for little mouths, then there is the wet food, sometimes they don’t like the smell of that and they don’t eat it.

It’s nice and sunny outside time to play and investigate their surroundings; Kwai, Tyson and Fluffy make their way to the top of the garden. There are plenty of plants, a shed, bush and a hedge and little piles of soil. Kwai and Tyson can see a gap under the shed and make their way over there. There’s wood supporting the shed off the ground so the puppy’s crawl under, with enough space to play hide and seek. It’s dark under there, but it’s very dry.

Tyson and kwai start barking, calling to Snowflake and Fluffy, come and play with us. Mummy comes over first, she’s scolding them off, and then Snowflake and Fluffy wonder over to see what’s happening. Mum’s too big to go under the shed; Kwai is barking and yapping at mum. Now Tyson comes to the opening, you can just see his nose and part of his front paws, he’s barking and yapping. Mum puts her head down to nip Tyson, but he’s too fast and backs away very fast indeed. What a sound when four puppies are barking and yapping. Mummy gives up and leaves the puppies to play and goes back into the house.
Now the puppies go over to the tulips, they jump trying to remove the petals and leaf to chew. Loki comes over to them, and then Snowflake and Tyson chase after him, Loki’s so fast, the little ones are fast but there little legs can’t catch up with him. Its good fun and exercise they enjoy it so much.

There’s a wooden fence one side of the lawn, in fact there’s only two panels that side, and a gap between those and a wire netting fence. The puppies are able to go between and play. Tyson, Snowflake went behind the panels and start digging a hole. Kwai and Fluffy are the other side barking and start digging a hole there side. It looks like there digging a hole to escape into next door’s garden.

Tyson and Snowflake make quite a large hole between them, their nearly able to crawl to the other side of the panel.  The soil is getting harder for them to dig, being so dry. There big brother comes along and helps them dig that hole deeper, it’s large enough now for the two puppies to crawl under the fence.
One at a time they try to make their way to the lawn side, but Kwai and Fluffy are barking and nipping at them. Loki comes back onto the lawn; he’s picked a stick up, Kwai and Fluffy case after him allowing Tyson and Snowflake to crawl under the fence back onto the lawn. Loki lies down on the lawn with his stick, chewing and breaking pieces off. Fluffy as now joined Loki, lying very close to him. He tries to take hold of one end of the stick but Loki moves to his right a little. Tyson, Snowflake and Kwai have all gone to the flower bed. The tulips are in full bloom, there’s red ones and white ones. The puppies seem to like the red coloured ones best. Tulips are quite tall and have very wide long leafs. The puppies are walking between the tulips it seems there eyeing up which one to play with. All the puppies are small in size so they have to jump at the flower heads. Snowflake starts to chew at a leaf, and then she’s able to chew small pieces off at a time. Tyson and Kwai are jumping at the flower heads; they can only take petals off one at a time. They take a petal, go onto the lawn and start chewing holding it with their paws. Soon there are lots of red petals on the green lawn, maybe the puppies like red and green.

Loki has managed to break a piece off his stick and Fluffy has picked up the piece then holds between his paws and chews away all happy.
And so each day they enjoy their little lives but before I end I’ll finish with what dogs do best.

As there mum digs holes in the flower trays to bury her biscuits, the puppies are unable to climb and help her, well if they can’t dig in the flower trays they can dig in the lawn, and so they do, their little paws digging so fast. I don’t know why they do this thing, but they get so dirty and need a good clean, which they don’t like.

Mum is a Chihuahua Pomeranian, Dad is a pedigree Chihuahua and there’s Loki a one year old brother.

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New To Me – Numerology

Old or new
I never know

A dress doesn’t make the woman
the woman makes the dress.

A woman’s make-up is just a mask
Remove, the wall falls down.

She a diamond sparkles
never ever looking rough.

Young at heart, don’t act my age
Very soon, I’ll be on the obituary page

Age doesn’t matter
surely look’s define.

Looking for me little bee
Come, let’s fly – be with me

Eyes tell all without a word
a smile defines love within.

A woman’s dress size never right
A woman’s weight, reads just right
damn them scales always faulty

Never such a thing, of a sure bet
the odds are stacked by chance.

Where have all the gentleman gone
to the grave yard ever one

Don’t do anything in the daytime
that keeps you awake at night

The important thing is
keep your mojo moist


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Her name is Jane
could I be her Tarzan
swinging from vine to vine
I very much dough it
Swinging  pillar to post
Yelling out, oh damn words are Trademarks
can’t use them here oh dear
I’ll shout them out
did you hear the shrill
Birds taken flight from canopy’s
Lions roaring chimps a calling
Elephants stampeding music loud
How many ribs have been broken
pounding chest never spoken
We could meet for lunch
I’ll bring you a bunch
Sitting around just larking around
Could have been on my course
Swinging arms watching ball
A hole in one, best shot of the all
I’ll play to finish just one round
So it’s your turn mine’s a pint