There’s a young lady who writes from afar
what of you I know I’m a pa not a ma
Might I find her

So wonderful in a parade
She’s pretty and slim

Petite, her taste palate

What can I say my heart be smitten in a cage
Sparkling bright

Sky blue eye’s don’t be folate
Without a word her story unfolds

Rolling waves
A golden sun drenched beach

Heat that beats

Exercise to keep her form

 Racing, pacing clock
She writes with love

 Her heart in a block
One is so very smart

Tumbling Roadside Park
She’s travelled the world

Oh! So far air miles smile

Wanting to settle

Oh! Where Hungary dine for two
Could we ever meet or speak knowing none but thee
Is there one or two out of frame

 Pretty little picture
Don’t blame who ever whom takes

Still it brakes


It could be a very good mate

 wanting to rush needed a push
So one’s asking could we date

It’s all in the timing surly mate
Letter or email even a text always most days some late
Let’s see how we go so slow

Not a care in the world starry eyes

Don’t rush me duck don’t buck

I’m always reading a book