Emma and Jim have been to the gym

Both needing a drink. Jim, he really wanted a wink

They call in at Starbucks. Jim’ thinks, how much is this goner Costa’

In they go, sit at a table. Just then Emma, sees Mable

Jim goes for his need comes back, nearly on his knees

What’s the matter Jim, asks Emma, all concerned

The toilets full, I really have to go.  Then, Emma’s face just glowed

A light came on in her head. Of course, an idea you big-head

Emma had a glitter in her eye. No’ not Gary, that singer guy

She turns, and on the adjacent table, an empty, coke container

Well’, Emma could not contain herself, she took the cup, said sit tight

As quick as saying Clark Gable. Emma went under the table



In front of her eyes, his legs open wide

Upon her knees straight for his jeans

Both hands on his zipper, take hold of his flipper

The cup in her mouth, then she sees a mouse

With a little hand holding it down

Out pours the coke. Like a little steam boat

Emma gives it a shake, licks the right place

Emma thinks, I’m not wasting this flipper. Head down, Oh’ yes, skipper

Massaging his all’s. Licking and sucking until it boils

Then in the coke, go’s the cream. Poor old Jim, he’s shacking can’t scream

Our Emma a little flushed, back to her chair-bushed,

She puts the container back on the table Then this man comes along quite able

Picks up the coke of the table, he drinks it all down

Goes up to the counter. Hey” miss. Can I have another Tea with Cream.images









You sent me a request
so I could be in your nest
a pleasure for me
I think your the best

Toiling all day
I could do with the rest
I live in the west
To you I live in the east

“Well” that was easy
now for my quest
“No surely, I don’t jest
have you got zest appeal

Toiling all day, doing my best
Then you come along
That can’t be wrong

We see something new
of a reflection few
A shadow, silhouette
no not, mas’orete

We have a connection
a spark that lights
Not burning desire, right
soft, glowing that might

A glint, just right, a word
a line reads just fine
I write as I walk my dogs
pulling along

I will try for a song
It want take long
I know not thy name
who should we blame

I’m surely not a poet
as you well know it
I write as it flows
like a brook or a stream flowing

Oh” please, don’t scream
I will buy you an ice-cream
So’ as you lick and suck
I will sit, and read my book

It may not be often
for I will have forgotten
Just like a male
Do you think like a snail.






I saw a Wren
shall I tell Gwen

Their on a branch
not on a ranch

Little Robin sitting,
No Batman near
Oh’ dear,

So close we were
looking not a care

Into the wood
no Teddy bears here

Now to the meadow
buttercup yellow
Yellowstone Park
not in the dark

Butterflies flitter
seemingly nowhere to go
Do you remember Trigger ?
then on the corolla for a little feed

So many weeds
do not want your need

Do you live in a State with alligators?
Oh” my, see corrugators
not pleased
see you later

I am going to the Nile to see Crocodiles
I might just run a mile
poor young “TUT” had a horse run over his butt

Beautiful Nefertiti did not need her Tee tees
having six girls and all with the last, her son
young king “TUT”
Nefertiti is also known as Nafteta, – “the beauty has come”

Now back to the States,
how long must I wait
for ups with my fright?.






I have read in a book
my “Soul” is not mine
When I lay on my bed
taking my last breath

Someone called god
seems, it belongs to him

Well listen here mate
you can think again
for I am “Free” of “Will”

My “Soul” is truly mine
a “Spirit” in me
its “Super Young Cool”

No one can take
No one can give

Its in nature “Free”
for me – we are
nobody’s slave – see.

I do no ones bidding
I’m not kidding

You can say what you like
before I depart

My “Soul” will have gone
with “Spirit Free”

To a realm of light
You bet that’s so right

It also states my “Soul”
is immaterial, the
emotional part of man
Commands ones “Soul” to God

I don’t believe you Man
my “Soul” is mine, mine only
its very important to me

Tis more than words
Tis who I am how I behave
my life

They are built in, seed of beginning
over sees my engines running

I believe my “Spirit” comes
and goes as we sleep
where, I don’t know
not really bothered

It always comes back
you see, its “Free”
travels at “Will”

Sunlight, moon night
their like batteries
a positive a negative
you can’t have one
without the other

Their not good or bad
but they are always together
a spark in the heart
a glitter the eye

Some how somewhere
theirs a door no key
we are “Free”
sometime to pass
say good bye

One can believe
what one wishes
we are a Individual

I don’t ask you to believe
Don’t ask me to believe you

what’s true is blue in the sky
for my eyes to wonder the
starry night
Their I see a twinkling star.





A fairy tale from who knows when like Peter Pan or even Snow-white. It has been handed down in a book; surely, it must be truly, so be right.

This long lost place, no one knows where. ‘Adam and Eve lived in a world of their own. Their Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters all lived in a world called paradise.

‘Yes, the birds and bee’s used the trees. Even the dog has is leg up high. A world of ease it seems, as ‘Adam and Eve, would like to make one believe.

In Birthday suits. Maybe hand in hand. Peacefully strolling along, humming their songs. Just like bees at ease with life in paradise.

Do we still have people who live like that, who live the way of that wondrous world ‘Adam and Eve, came from another world to start a new life in Africa?

In a dream or a beam of light, our story of human life unfolds. Never mind about other life forms, not of god, have no spirit or soul within them. Not so forgiving is our old, old chap. Some believe that from an apple we, our world was born. Did the birds and bees just happen to follow, ‘Oh, such sorrow?

We are lead to believe that naughty little ‘Eve teased foolish ‘Adam, take his leave up a tree. So many trees so many types of fruit to taste. In a place, we call paradise. Not playing dice.’ Oh, what an almighty sin.

A land, a world they both twirl, just having a good time, larking about as teenagers do. Then in their tea break, was it French Delicious, Grannies or Cox. They never wrote it in the book was it green or was it red. These two broke the almighty rule, how sad for them. They blame dear old Eve, naughty girl beguiled – somehow this foolish Adam, Was he envy with greed, did he want to saw his seed, a show off indeed.

So in their back yard of wide-open country and forests abound orchards of plenty where naughty dear Eve, teased foolish ninny Adam, my sweet, my love I beseech thee pick thy fruit from that tree

Looking up at the branches Adam saw he could not reach, so off he went home to fetch a ladder. He went to the shed and asked his dad can I borrow your ladder. Dad said helps yourself. Therefore, Adam took the ladder and placed it against the tree trunk. So up he went, picked just one, took a bite”Oh no, to bitter calls Adam.

So to the next tree they went, Adam go’s up with little Eve below holding it tightly. Well look here says Adam to himself, a moggy on a branch. He calls out load, come here pussy. With fright, little pussy jumped down to the ground. Mistaking his call little Eve thought Adam had called her come up the ladder. So up she went to the top of the ladder, behind our silly lad. Adam had a Cox in is hand. Can I try it was Eves call. ‘Yes, take it, Adams reply. It is fruity, oh so juicy.

So Eve took hold, sucking licking held it tight. She had not had a Cox before in her life. Poor old Adam lost his balance. Both falling, calling oh shit but together to a gentle soft ground.

Behold, somehow Adams Cox was stuck in the pussy. Oh Adam, said Eve, that is tight. Adams reply although being shy not being in this predicament before, just rolled on the ground till the juice from the Cox made the pussy spit out.

I suppose you could say the pussy got laid with a seed from a Cox. Then their dad came, saw the Cox and the pussy. What is this, my precious fruit? ‘Oh daddy, said Eve, it was Adam, that ad ‘am.

Dad told them off, never more would you taste of my fruit. However, Daddy did say to Adam you can Havvah. Therefore, Dad gave them a fig leaf, well Adam had a small one, do not know why. Eve, she was given three because of her sin.  A paradise they have to leave, but do not forget from be’get’ a world you see.

Therefore, Adam and Eve came from a garden of trees, how nigh eve was Adam to take Adams apple. Surely, apples they fell to the ground in make believe town. How convenient in only a week a new world formed for the meek. Then low and behold, the fruit forbidden happens to be our good old apple upon this land. Not very forgiving is our Almighty it seems. Our Little Eve took the blame from beginning of time. To this day Eves still out of line.


Can you See The Mist

Can you see the misty whirling it__s_a_sad_and_beautiful_world_by_eikoweb-d54f55k
A shimmering light of cloud
Woman and child stand
with their backs facing

Passing, gone through the night
Waters flow, streams of blood
No one calling
You have taken my life

She standing
hand in hand little one
No tears of sorrow
no more the rain

Gone to another plain
a higher plateau
No more their songs
laughter love, joy

Tepee’s smoldering
cattle in chains
“Yes” yes, your land stolen
Spirit guide are you
calling to me

Yes, yes your land stolen
Blood for tears
Tears for blood
Both standing silently
showing me

Black as a Raven
Black as a crow
Dissolving spirits
Clouds so high.

Turn facing fright life
eyes streaming black
as night
Both showing calling

Silently not a word
See, look what you
have done
“No” no not I

Do not call this night
this darkened light
To the clouds high
their behind.

Dissolving, misty
slowly, rising high
this swirling smoke.